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3D Print Pen
3D Print Pen
3D Print Pen
3D Print Pen
3D Print Pen
3D Print Pen
3D Print Pen
3D Print Pen

3D Print Pen

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Reach your FULL CREATIVITY by creating the exact masterpiece that you have in your wildest imagination. The possibilities are endless when you can be a 3D artist!

3D Print Pen is an ideal gift for your kids, your friends or yourself. Childhood is the best time to develop children’s potential. It helps to train the children’s outsight, attention, imagination, and creativity. It is also a great way for adults to relieve stress or cultivate interests, let alone a person who is a designer, architect, artist or crafts lover will love it to create anything in mind.

Plug-in➡️heat up➡️insert the filament ➡️ CREATE

✔️Draw in the Air

✔️Draw on Paper

✔️Draw on a Model

The LED screen lets you control the temperature at ease and freely switch from filament type. 

  • Organic Filament - This 3D Pen is compatible with both PLA and ABS. We also provide filament in various colors. More filament, more fun, brings your enjoyable drawing and creating an experience. Our PLA Filament is produced from organic substances such as corn and sugarcane. This makes PLA plastic non-toxic and no unpleasant odor, much safer and comfortable than other 3D Pen filament plastics. 

  • Adjustable Temperature & SpeedThere is a Speed Controller on the 3D Pen for you to control the 3D Pen extrusion speed for smoother operation and intricate drawing. Adjustable temperature suits your different needs. It allows you to choose the appropriate melting point (temperature) according to the filament you are using. (PLA:160℃-210℃, ABS:210℃-235℃)

  • Safe to UseThe 3D Pen will switch to standby mode automatically when not use for over 5 minutes. The 3D printing pen has a heat dissipation port, protecting the user from scalding. Make the use of advanced cooling technology, the filament is heated through the pen body, cooled down before it flowing from the nozzle, avoiding the risk of scald. 

  • Handle & Use Easily  -This 3D Printing Pen is designed with a slim body and lightweight. It is extremely easy to handle just like holding a normal pen; even kids can handle it in a breeze. Simply plug-in, heat up, and you are almost ready to go.

"I purchased this item for my 14-year-old for his birthday. By the end of the first day, he was creating like he had been born with it. Very user friendly, easy to manipulate, and control. Recommend this one (we own two other brands) to anyone just starting out." - Lindsay, 34, USER



    • Printing Material:  ABS
    • Filament Diameter:  1.75mm
    • Nozzle Size:  0.7mm
    • Power Input :  12V 2A
    • Adapter Current :  110V / 240V 2A
    • Heating Temperature :  210c-240c adjustable
    • Dimensions :  220 x 170 x 70 mm


    • 1 x 3D Print Pen
    • 1 x Power Adapter
    • 1 x 3M Printing Filament
    • 1 x Manual
    • 1 x Box


    SHIPPING DELAY NOTICE: Please expect a 2-4 week shipping delay due to the High Volume of Orders.