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Badminton Solo Trainer
Badminton Solo Trainer
Badminton Solo Trainer
Badminton Solo Trainer
Badminton Solo Trainer
Badminton Solo Trainer
Badminton Solo Trainer

Badminton Solo Trainer

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Do you miss going out to badminton courts? Stuck at home because of today's pandemic? Getting bored and rusty is absolutely not an OPTION!

Worry not, as we have constructed a simple training program which is catered for anyone at a different level of physical fitness which you can do at home or backyard. What a good news to all badminton experts and hopefuls! 


Introducing the Badminton Solo Trainer! It allows you to develop, enhance and practice badminton skills on your own! No need for an opponent to get better, just this training kit and your all set! The setup process is extremely easy and can be done anywhere in a very short time.


I love playing badminton and I badly miss playing with my smasher friends. I saw this on FB ad and decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did! Now, I can play badminton at home which serves as my workout and training for my smash to not be rusty - Jade, 29, USER

Badminton Solo Trainer


  •  A FULL-BODY WORKOUT. The rapid movements, jumps, smashes and crunches while playing badminton will help build up your muscles to make them leaner, stronger and fitter in no time. It tones the legs, calves, glutes, and quads, as well as the core, back, and arms.

  • DEVELOP BACKHAND and REBOUNDING SKILLS - This is a training set for badminton hopeful players to learn how to smash and hit the ball each time it comes to you. It is perfect for solo badminton play & practice to enhance eye vision and sharpness. 
  • PLAYING ALONE WILL NOW BE POSSIBLE. Partners won’t always be available when you want to play and this is when this device can come in. It lets you play alone whenever you feel like it.

  • SETTING IT UP WON’T BE A HASSLE. The setup process for this product is very quick and easy. Even if you don’t have a knack for it, you’ll be finished in almost no time.

    • GOOD TRAINING MATERIAL - Suitable for both beginners and experts conditioning! This training set helps to develop speed, agility, and coordination of every player. 
    • ADJUSTABLE ROD & STABLE WATER BASE - It is composed of an aluminum adjustable telescopic rod and stable water-filled bases. The ball is tied up to a highly tough and elastic line that will keep on swinging back after each smash. 

    • HANDY and PORTABLE - This training set is very handy. You can carry this to your training place anytime.
    • Material: Plastic, Metal
    • Rod Height (Before Telescoping): 67 cm / 26.37 Inches
    • Rod Height (After Telescoping): 340 cm / 133.58 Inches
    • Base Height: 9 cm / 3.54 Inches
    • Base Width: 21 cm / 8.26 Inches
    • 3 x Plastic Base
    • 1 x telescopic Elastic Rod
    • 40 x Elastic Line
    • 1 x Adapter



    Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order