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Dog Paw Protection Pads
Dog Paw Protection Pads
Dog Paw Protection Pads
Dog Paw Protection Pads
Dog Paw Protection Pads

Dog Paw Protection Pads

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Our Dog paw protector pads are a unique tool designed to add grip to your dog’s paws. At the same time, they also keep their paws safe. They are made from lightweight, flexible, and breathable fabric. On the bottom of the pads, there are thick rubber and silicone gel spots that provide traction for your pets on slippery surfaces. 

  • Safe material - Made of non-toxic & environmentally-friendly material, this dog paw protection pad is super lightweight, which is also totally no harmful to your furry friends even if they wear it all day.
  • Anti-slip and full protections - The dog paw protection pad increases the friction and grip. It protects dog paws from not only cold and hard floors in winter but also hot ground in summer. Owing to it, your dog also can avoid any injuries by simply slipping or touching sharp items when they’re playing outside. Besides, your furniture and floor can reduce the damage caused by their naughty paws.
  • No discomfort - Many dogs don’t like wearing boots, booties or socks, which make them feel uncomfortable. But they didn’t mind these pads at all or lick them off according to our tests. They just walk with confidence like a winner!
  • Easy to wear - The dog paw protection pad is disposable and self-adhesive. So no need for liquid glue, it’s easy to paste on the paws. Your furry friends even didn’t notice them at all.

Best Use For

Dog paw protectors are very helpful in a wide range of situations such as for

Grip-On Slippery Floors While they may be attractive to look at many types of flooring such as laminate, tile, and hardwood flooring, can be quite slippery for dogs to walk on. Some pets even develop a fear of walking on them. Paw protector pads are specifically made to give dogs traction on slippery floor surfaces of all types helping them to stay safe and to build up their confidence. And added bonus is that they also actually help to protect the floors themselves from being scratched by your pooch.

Older Pets In their old age it can be much harder for pets to move around. This is often due to arthritis among other issues that unfortunately are just a natural part of getting older. The extra traction and support that dog paw pad protectors provide help keep dogs walking, standing, and just living their lives well into their golden years.

Pets Recovering From Surgery Or Injuries Having the ability to walk and move can be critical when pets are recovering from certain issues. Protectors can help to provide the extra grip needed by weak pets to stay mobile during the important recovery process. And of course, having increased traction can also prevent dogs from slipping and potentially re-injuring themselves.

Medical Conditions Dog Paw protectors are often used to help canines with specific medical conditions which can cause them to have problems when standing, walking, or with their balance. For example, the added grip can be a big help for pets suffering from the effects of hip dysplasia, various forms of cancer, leg amputations, arthritis, along with various other conditions.

The soft cushioning that dog paw protectors provide under the foot, also makes them ideal for helping pets that suffer from conditions such as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), lumbosacral syndrome, or digital hyperkeratosis which can make walking and moving very painful.

Pets That Don’t Like Socks Or Shoes There are other options for protecting feet and adding grip such as special socks and shoes for dogs. However many pets dislike having anything on their feet and will do whatever it takes to get them off. Because protectors are adhered to the bottom of the dog’s paws and are lightweight most pets don’t even notice that they are even there. As an added bonus they are ideal and breathable for the warmer months when it’s too hot for a dog to wear socks or shoes.

How to pick the right size for your dog?

  1. Keep your dog lie down with relaxation and comfort.
  2. Measure the length and width of the bottom pad of your dog’s paws.
  3. Pick the size by referring to the Size Chart below. If their paws are in-between two sizes, select the larger size. Sometimes a dog will require a combination of two sizes.

Customer Review - Kimberly

"I am so happy I came across this product. My slips all over the place. BUT last night I placed these on and she was walking around again with so much confidence. Woke up this morning and they were all still on. I only placed them on the back pads since that's where they're needed most. She doesn't even seem to realize they're on! I definitely recommend this product to others."

Product Specification

  • S: 3.3*4.0CM
  • M: 3.8*4.5CM
  • L: 4.3*5CM
  • XL: 5*5.7CM
  • XXL: 6.3*7C

Package Includes 

  • 4 x Paw Protection Pads


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