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InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount
InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount
InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount
InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount
InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount
InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount
InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount

InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount

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Memorable photos and iconic works of art will certainly brighten up any room in the house. Save time and money hanging pictures and decorative items all over your home with our InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount

Not handy with tools or you just want a faster workflow? InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount is simply the safest and fastest way to decorate any wall in any part of the house. No more risking hammer injured finers.

It's as simple as loading the pegs into the InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount's cartridge and punching them through your wood or drywall. The pegs stay secure because they've been punched through on a slanted downward angle.

Faster Workflow - Save a ton of time and effort while decorating your living room with our InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount. Unlike with hammers that need repeated blows, wires that need multiple twists, this requires only one punch to perfectly install its pegs.

Secured Pegs - Using our InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount, all you pegs will punch through the wall on a slanted downward angle at all times. This makes sure that pegs are installed to stay and making it easy for you to hang your stuff. 

Easy to Use - The InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount completely eliminates the risk of getting yourself injured with tools. It works simply by putting the peg in its cartridge and punching it through the wall and you're done! 

All-in-One Tool - Our InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount comes with different pegs making it a one-of-a-kind tool that effectively replaces hammers, nails, wire, and hooks. With this, you'll only need one tool to redecorate your entire house. 


  • Weight: 12 Ounces
  • Size: 10.8 x 8.9 x 1.4 Inches 
  • Type: Trivets


  • 1 x InstaHang™ Hang Wall Mount
  • 36 x Dowels
  • 6 x Caps
  • 4 x Hooks



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