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Magic Cleaning Mat
Magic Cleaning Mat
Magic Cleaning Mat
Magic Cleaning Mat
Magic Cleaning Mat
Magic Cleaning Mat

Magic Cleaning Mat

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The Easiest Hassle-Free Way To Keep Your Floors Clean!


Are you tired of tracking dirty shoe prints throughout your house when you arrive home from work? Are your pets tracking muddy pawprints inside? Are you fed-up with guests carrying in dirt, mud, and grime on their shoes? Do you want to come home to a clean, track-free floor each day? 


The Magic Cleaning Mat is the perfect solution for house and pet owners! With its ultra-absorbent and modern design, this mat is an excellent addition to any home. Simply set it up at the desired location and start enjoying a cleaner home as the microfibers work trap mud, dirt, and more from your shoes and your pet's paws.


  • No need to take your shoes off
  • Ultra-absorbent design with high-quality cotton microfiber
  • Non-slip base
  • Easy to clean (100% machine-washable & low-temp dryer-safe)
  • Durable, long-lasting design
  • Prevent dirty footprints, pawprints, and shoe-prints
  • Soaks up dirt, dust, and moisture

The non-slip base enhances the safety of using this Magic Cleaning Mat, preventing slips and falls as you wipe your shoes clean or as your pet steps on it. Its thin size makes it suitable for virtually any door, and with a 100% machine-washable design, cleaning this mat is effortless.


  • Material: PVC + Dacron Cotton
  • Size: 46x70 cm


  • 1 x Magic Cleaning Mat


How Does It Work & How Is It Different To Regular Door Mats?

The Magic Cleaning Mat has an ultra-absorbent cotton microfiber fabric. When you step onto it with dirty shoes, or when your pet steps on it with their paws, the cotton, and microfiber immediately absorb the dirt, grime, mud, and more, letting you keep your shoes on and walk through the house without tracking dirt everywhere.

Who Is It Good For?

If you often find yourself tracking sand, snow, grass, mud, salt, pine needles, or even leaves through the front door and onto your floors/carpets, the Magic Cleaning Mat has the ability to prevent all of these hassles. It's also perfect for pet owners with dogs/cats that always have dirty paws.

How Do I Set It Up?

With its thin design, the magic Cleaning Mat can be set up under most doors. The non-slip PVC backing is designed to hold the mat firmly in position as you wipe your shoes clean. You can set it up at the front, back, garage, or wherever else there is a door.

How Do I Clean It?

Over time, the Magic Cleaning Mat will become filthy with dirt particles. To clean it, you can put it in the washing machine. You can either hang dry it or use the dryer on a low temperature. Then, once dry, reposition it where you prefer.

How Many Mats Do I Need?

It's recommended to purchase a mat for each doorway, such as your back door, front door, garage door, and anywhere else there is an entryway to and from outside. This will fully protect your home against dirt and other unhygienic particles.



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