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Pet Playpen Cage
Pet Playpen Cage
Pet Playpen Cage
Pet Playpen Cage
Pet Playpen Cage

Pet Playpen Cage

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Playtime should play an important role in your pet’s life- throughout all of its stages. But you can’t let your rowdy puppy run around the house and hurt themselves in the process, or start chewing your shoes and furniture out of boredom. 

Pet Playpen Cage a sound purchase for any pet parent. It's very easy to assemble and comes with connectors and zip ties to hold the panels together. Having an easily movable and versatile space inside your home for your pets can be a literal lifesaver, both for you and your dog.

Pet Playpen Cage is made of panels that you can easily assemble. You get to choose how big or small the playpen is. Give it more space by extending the panels. These are flexible for you to use according to your pet’s needs

✔ DIY expandable makes qualified metal wire grids into different shapes, a low wide exercise pen, or a two-story premium Villa.

✔ Lightweight Durable & Movable All The Plastic Panels Are Made From Environmentally Friendly Materials That Don't Cause Any Damage To Your Pet

✔ For various animals hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, or rabbits, they can all have FUN in this fence. Easy to keep an eye on them from any angle.

✔ Easy assembly with the illustrated instruction and included mallet. Use cable ties to achieve even more features like doors or ramps.

Whether they need somewhere safe to play in, or if there are guests coming over, you’ll have a dog-friendly space for your pet to relax and have fun without needing to worry about them being uncomfortable with the Pet Playpen Cage.

Multiple Configurations


Product Specification

  • Material: High-grade Iron Plastic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: 35x35cm


Package Includes

  • 6/8/10 Pcs Panel (Choose Option)
  • 1 Pcs Hammer
  • 1 Pack Buckles


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