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Pipe Dredge Deodorant
Pipe Dredge Deodorant
Pipe Dredge Deodorant
Pipe Dredge Deodorant
Pipe Dredge Deodorant
Pipe Dredge Deodorant

Pipe Dredge Deodorant

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Destroy Toughest Clogs

Ultimate Sink and Drainage Cleaner | MOZNEX is of high quality

Powerful Sink & Drain Cleaner gets the job done by dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap scum, oils, and organic matter easily.

Powerful Sink and Drain Cleaner in 2020 | Drain cleaner, Sink drain cleaner,  Unclog shower drains

It won't harm your drains, pipes or septic system, as it's made only from non-corrosive & non-caustic materials.

It liquefies fats, oils, lint, paper, hair, and other organic matter causing drain obstructions. Using a high-density formula, our product sticks to the walls of your pipes and alters the pH level to rapidly dissolve the obstruction.

  • Dissolves grease, hair, oils, soap scum, and paper products easily
  • Perfect to use on pipes, toilets, sinks, tubs, and in other main drain lines
  • Made of a non-corrosive formula that‚Äôs safe on septic systems
  • Uses its high density to cling to pipes and liquify drain obstructions
  • Non-corrosive, noncaustic and odorless formula

How to use:

1. Open the cleaner's bottle. Take a proper amount of cleaning powder, according to the degree of clogging, and pour it into the plastic bottle cap.

2. Pour the cleaning powder into the clogged area and then add 1000ml of hot water. 

3. Let the process work for 20 minutes, then rinse with hot water.


  • Material:¬†¬†alkaline, surfactant solvent, powder
  • Scope of application: kitchen water pipes, toilets, bathrooms, floor drains, oil plugs, pipes submerged in sewage, and other drainage pipes

Package Includes:

  • 1x Pipe Dredge Deodorant (100g)


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