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Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover
Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover
Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover
Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover

Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover

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Did you know that 58% of pet fur-covered clothes are thrown away before any attempt to recondition them? If you’re a pet owner, then you surely know what it feels like to constantly brush fur off of your clothes, to vacuum it up off of the carpet, and to continuously lint-roll your couch, curtains, and clothes with a sticky lint roller.

What if we told you that there was a new pet hair remover that could do the job twice as fast and twice as efficiently, but without the sticky residue left behind? Our Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover isn’t just another plain pet hair roller, it’s a comprehensive pet hair solution specifically designed to help you remove pet hair from your clothes, your upholstery, and many other surfaces with ease.

It is time to rid your home, your clothes, and your upholstery from pet hair with a real solution that makes all the difference!

  • 🐾 Eco-Friendly – The Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover is entirely eco-friendly! It doesn’t require any batteries, and it features a wood and metal design. By taking plastic and sticky glue out of the equation, you can pick up hair more efficiently and more consciously.
  • 🐾 No More Residue – Typical pet hair rollers and lint rollers use sticky glue paper to pick up hair. Not only are these products not effective, but they also leave behind a sticky residue. Our product throws that residue right out of the equation.
  • 🐾 Remove Pet Hair More Efficiently – Long gone are the days where you’d go through a full lint-roller just trying to remove the pet hair from your couch. With our product, you never run out of sticky glue tape because it doesn’t require it! Simply use your Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover over and over again until you pick up every last strand of hair.
  • 🐾 Unlimited, Endless Uses – Because our product doesn’t require sticky glue tape, you can continue to reuse it on multiple surfaces over and over again, giving you endless uses with a single brush.
  • 🐾 Easy To Clean – Cleaning this product is as simple as removing hair from its bristles and washing it under hot water. From there, you’re ready to use it again and again.


  •  Material: Various metallic loop with wooden handle


  • 1 x Portable Lint And Pet Hair Remover



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